About Us

recommender.ir is a real-time scalable recommender system providing personalizations marketing services . It is easy to accelerate your business with our API. We offer you a rich growing REST API that can be matched to many business domains such as VOD, E-commerce, Weblogs, News and fashion. recommender.ir provides online business the ability to turn their visitors into loyal customers.

We give you the power of Machine Learning and AI services to create excellent experience on your website or mobile application for any visitor.

Our service is able to recommend your users instantly based on mouse actions, comments, locations and calculate predictions which all make a tailored desirable personalization for every user.We let you know much more than others about your online visitors. We inject intelligent and wisdom into all web-site/application reactions. This leads the online users toward a more fascinating experience and make your users happier.

We translate all users behaviour into measurable results. We provide the business a real-time super-fast insight about every anonymous user came across your businesses. We visualize all these information to bring our clients a real-time deep insight and foresight about everything is happening within business. all these happen under an easy to use REST API.

Why we started to build this advanced SaaS platform to personalize each and every website/app?

recommender.ir was founded in 2012 by a group of expert data scientists. our experts noticed that Ads SMS are so annoying and irrelevant to subscribers and people just block the advertisement. So, We decided to give this kind of personalization to every business and offer their users an experience that is more personal and relevant to their needs. high tech startup teams were our first client and they helped us a lot to improve our platform and solve the issues. Their requirements have became our features for our next release. Websites who use recommender.ir see significant improvement in their visitor engagement while also increasing conversion rates and retention.

About our team

recommender.ir team members
recommender.ir team members

We are a team of talented engineers. our goal is to make visitors happier by providing personal and relevant contents based on their needs.